Working with us

At Poclain Hydraulics since: 2007

France - USA

"During my end-of-year school internship in 2007, I replied to an online advertisement for IIP (International Intership Program) with Poclain Hydraulics. This type of contract was exactly what I was looking for at the time: continuing to work for a French organization while being based abroad. In this particular case, in the United States, my country of choice. After several interviews, I finally got the job. This was followed by two months of training in Verberie, and in February 2008 my ICV really started in Wisconsin, a state in the north of the United States on the border with Canada. It was the middle of winter with temperatures of around -25 degrees, and my mission lasted a year! I also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in economics and management, then a Master 1 & 2 SITN (Information Systems and New Technologies) at Paris Dauphine University. Following my ICV contract in the United States, where my mission was to support users of our management software package and our group reporting tool, I went back to France to finish my Master 2 on a work/study training program with Poclain at Paris Dauphine University. At that point I was an analyst working on our ERP and more specifically the functional purchasing and supply modules. When my studies came to an end, I changed job to become a Project Manager in the field of EDI (customers/suppliers) and P2P (Procure to Pay = all of the businesses’ procurement processes, from parts purchasing to supplier invoicing/ payment). I then joined the “SI+” project team, a project to overhaul our Information System, as “Procure to Pay” Project Manager. Now I am back in the US, I am still the “Procure to Pay” Project Manager for our ERP but also the SI+ coordinator, and therefore still involved in the future rollouts of our new information system. I have worked in France, at the head office in Verberie, and in Yorkville in the US. Being involved in the SI+ program to overhaul our Information System gave me the opportunity to travel around the world for IT rollouts. I have had the good fortune to discover many different cultures and countries, such as India, the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia. Poclain is a manageably-sized company with a family ethics that always listens to its employees. I have been lucky enough to travel the world and today I am starting a new chapter of my life in the United States, working on an ambitious, international IT project with the support of an extremely dynamic team.”