Working with us

At Poclain Hydraulics since: 1995

France - Italia

"20 years working for Poclain Hydraulics allowed me a great variety of jobs and developed my skills and experiences. Hired as a Salesman for South America, I completed this activity with technical and commercial support to the Spanish, Dutch and Italian subsidiaries. My continuous interactions with customers and field reality allowed Poclain Hydraulics to offer me to move a first time to Italy to manage our sales office. Huge jump in a new country, with direct management of the team, the business and the company profit & loss. Family experience also since 2 kids born in Italy during this period. After 2 years, I came back to HQ to found the CIV (International Sales Coordination), take over the After-Market and coordinate international development of our Application Engineering network. In 2009, Poclain acquired a hydraulic pump company in Italy and asked me to manage its integration with the group. New job again for me with the management of a hundred employees and all different aspects of a company. Great family experience again with our 5 kids at the Italian school and a full immersion in local social life. After 4 years, I’m back again to HQ to my first job in sales, traveling the world in charge of Global Accounts. I’m very grateful to Poclain Hydraulics for this great professional experience, and hope to pursue it in the future, possibly abroad again ! "