Working with us

At Poclain Hydraulics since: 2004

Czech Republic - China - India

"I started my career with Poclain Hydraulics in 2004 in Brno, Czech Republic directly after obtaining my engineering degree in France. I was looking for an experience abroad and Poclain Hydraulics, through the VIE system, gave me the opportunity to achieve this goal. I initially arrived in Czech Republic with a 2 year-contract and I ended up staying there for more than 6 years. Even though the first months in Czech Republic were not easy due to the language barrier, I keep fantastic memories from these years in Brno and I moved out in 2011 only because Poclain Hydraulics offered me a very exciting challenge in India. Discovering a new job, new people, new culture, a new environment very different from the one we are used to in Europe and being part of a team having the target to double the production volumes every year was definitely very tough but also very rewarding. After these 2 years in India I continued to move east, in China, where I am currently located. Once again, I moved here because I was offered a great opportunity by Poclain Hydraulis to discover a new country and a new culture with more responsibilities in my job. In about 10 years working for Poclain I have been given the chance to have 4 different jobs in 3 different foreign countries. This is something that was made possible thanks to Poclain Hydraulics and I am grateful for it. "