Working with us

At Poclain Hydraulics since: 2007

France - USA

"My career with Poclain started on a mountain top in the French Alps while I was studying abroad during college, literally at 12,605 ft. There I met a former Poclain manager who helped me get an internship in Verberie France in the manufacturing engineering department. The next year following graduation I returned; this time to a full-time position in the Serial Motors team in the Innovation group. Over the next three years I continued to work in Innovation on both the Serial Motors and Brakes teams and learned the technical details of our radial-piston motors. I met many fabulous people and gained a true appreciation for the French culture and unique global nature of Poclain Hydraulics. Since 2012 I have returned to my home country of the United States were I manage the local design team. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, but I am confident to face them with the strong network of friends and colleagues around the world who I have been privileged to work with over the last 8 years. "