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Innovation is key

« For the R&D teams, the challenges associated with our growth goals involve a thorough knowledge of our customers’ needs and their machines, a quick and structured response to these needs, a range of products, systems and services that are technologically state-of-the-art, and a level of quality and reliability that is either specified or understood.

Development activities are entrusted to independent and multidisciplinary project teams. In addition, we have created teams dedicated to certain key platforms in order to better understand the trends in their markets and to specify the expected performance for these platforms worldwide.

Finally, with the help of our product line teams, we pay close attention to the consistency of our ranges - motors, pumps, valves and electronics - to provide our customers with relevant and optimized solutions.

This organization helps reduce the time to market for new products, particularly in the field of transmission systems. »

Stéphane Rakotoarivelo
Director of Strategy and Innovation


Innovation is a core value for Poclain, that fosters a sustainable growth of its revenue and value. It is what makes our people proud. It is what makes Poclain a leader in its business scope.

Thus, we strive to :

  • not only offer unique high value solutions to our customers,
  • but also to relentlessly adapt our organizations, our processes and our systems with agility,
  • to encourage internal initiatives with new projects, new technologies and opportunities,
  • and finally to grow our business with focus and passion!
  • R&D Vision and Mission

    La Vision et la Mission de la R&D

    Our vision is to become the expert in developing modular and high performance hydrostatic transmission systems, in order to contribute to our Customers' success with sustainable solutions.
    The Group Innovation mission is:

    1. to anticipate, to define, to develop and to launch the Product Offer according to the Group Strategic Product Plan,
    2. to contribute to maintaining our current range of products with regards to Quality & Costs.

    R&D in figures:

    R&D centers worldwide
    Staff count worldwide
    5 to 7%
    Annual spending of turnover
    Patents filed
    Patents filed per year
    Products launched per year