Innovation at the heart of the company

We are investing heavily in innovation.
Our field of intervention is steadily expanding from the Off-Road to On-Road markets.

Technological Excellence

technological excellence

Tomorrow’s solutions and product lines are based on cutting-edge technology and added-value components drawn from our own expertise or from that gained through acquisitions.

Beyond prototyping, each developed product is intended to be mass-produced and become part of a product line. Each new transmission solution on one market is very often a source of innovative technical contributions to other markets.

By focusing on technological excellence, we want to remain the global benchmark for hydrostatic power transmissions based on cam-lobe motors.

In a highly competitive environment, we take special care to protect the intellectual property of our products and accumulated expertise in hydrostatic power transmissions.

The Innovation Group

The “Innovation Group” is made up of men and women who contribute to our customers’ success by developing innovative, modular hydrostatic systems.

innovation group

Key challenges for the Innovation Group:

  1. Understanding of customers’ needs

    An accurate understanding of customers’ needs to bring them the best solutions. That is why at Poclain, R&D, Projects and Marketing are all part of the same Department, called “Innovation Group”.

  2. Technological development

    The development of new technological building blocks to meet new customer requirements and new regulatory requirements. That is why we invest between 5-7% of our turnover in research and innovation every year.

  3. Skills development

    Continuous skills development to keep on innovating in an environment where the technologies are constantly evolving and where you have to move fast to reach the markets. That is why we are developing a Knowledge Management program that provides ongoing training for our employees and the opportunity to capitalize on our knowledge.

  4. Networking

    Networking among the multidisciplinary project teams to address our customers’ regional problems and provide product/process optimization, in order to ensure the quality and fair price of our products in a context where our plants and engineering offices are located in Europe, North America, and Asia. That is why we have invested heavily in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) tools to ensure speed of execution, cross-functionality, and efficiency for the collaborative work of our global network.

  5. Product Solutions

    Provision of modular product solutions (motors, pumps, valves, electronics) to create hydrostatic system solutions that can be easily adapted to the needs of our customers. That is why we have the product teams and platform teams work together.

innovation department